dvd authoring


Buzz media can produce your DVD's quickly and efficiently. We will design your product to reflect your project requirements, and chosen style. In close consultation with you, we will first establish your requirements in detail and then advise you on what features of DVD may be most appropriate for your target audience. Our aim is always to help you make informed choices about your options and the likely cost implications.

We work closely with the appropriate members of your organisation to design the look and feel of your disc and it's navigational functionality.

If you have existing video which you want to repurpose on to DVD then we can also advise on how best to acomplish this cost effectively.

For simple projects which do not require bespoke design or complex navigation our DVD Lives service may be appropriate.

[Primarily intended for home users this service can, in fact, be used by anyone to produce interactive DVD's incorporating scene menus with video thumbnails. The main and scene menu background image can either be selected from our gallery or be a user defined graphic. See www.dvdlives.com for more information]


Ecotek Plc

main title screen

The Ecotek disc was produced for Ecotek Plc to increase awareness and illustrate to people how to install and setup their premiere product the CB-26P a fuel saving and performance enhancing add-on for cars.

Buzz media created and editied all original video material and graphics. We worked closely with Ecotek to design the disc's menu navigation and interactivity and to ensure that its look and feel was right for the target audience.

subtitle menu

main menu

Features of the disc include:

  • scene menus
  • a "play all" facility to continuously loop the video
  • four subtitle language tracks selectable via on an screen menu


Heritage 2000

The heritage 2000 DVD project was produced by Buzz Media for Heritage 2000 and the London Waterway Partnership and was comissioned by Islington Council.

The disc was created to capture a moment in time of the Islington stretch of the Regent's canal. This historic waterway has many tales to tell and Buzz Media created a disc that contains new and archive video material, stills and commentaries. The disc tells of people who know and remember the canal as it was in days gone by as well as those those who know and enjoy it as it is today.

Feature include:

  • a stop motion video journey along the length of the Islington section of the Regent's canal with interactive "points of interest" along the way.
  • mini video documentaries on the Islington Canal Museum, Islington Narrow Boat Association the Islington Boat Club and the Angel Festival.
  • Details about how to access the canal at 10 locations via public transport and whether disabled access is possible.
  • interactive scene menus
  • slide galleries


Director's video showreel

Buzz Media was comissioned by Mike Olley to produce a DVD showreel.

We worked with a variety of input formats including DV, Umatic and VHS and encoded them all to MPEG-2 for DVD with Dolby digital AC3 audio.

showreel DVD main menu

The disc can be used interactively by selecting individual video clips from the menu or it can be set to play all of the video sequences one after another.